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Hey Jude - Joe Anderson

That strange moment when you realize Lucius Verus looks like one of your ex’s… :S

That strange moment when you realize Lucius Verus looks like one of your ex’s… :S

Don’t you ever just feel like walking up to your teacher, screaming in there face as loud as you can, and walking away?

Anonymous asked: he is half vulcan. that's just how his species is. lol u do know me. i was just messing around cuz im bored

lmao aha! But you’ve actually watched Star Trek? Do your followers talk to you? Other than me…

Anonymous asked: more hmmm... im the most awesomest person alive. lol i love star trek. can't believe u didn't know :O

You said I don’t know you so no surprise i didn’t know. I’ve never seen star trek. whats up with that dude and his pointy ears? lol

Anonymous asked: other than english i speak fluent klingon. lol you don't know who this is ;)

Klingon? lmao ur right I don’t know anyone who likes Star Trek. Now I’m curious. Tell me more Anonymous

Anonymous asked: ofcourse i'd wanna go. but i don't speak albanian :( lol maybe you know who i am

Well your one of two people, telling me what languages you do speak will narrow it down to one lol. I’m guessing your someone who should be studying for exams and not sleeping or being on tumblr missy! lol 

Anonymous asked: im anon so u dont know who i am. muahahaha. if u ever go take a million pics!

I’m just curious if any of my followers actually talk to me. Although I’m pretty sure you are one of the three people i actually know on tumblr lol You wouldnt wana go too?

Anonymous asked: what's with all the albania posts. are you planning on going anytime soon :D

why are you anonymous? :( Yes I’d love to go! Only thing is i made this rule that If i’m going to a foreign country where i don’t speak the language then i want to go with a friend who does! This summer would be awesome

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